Divine Therapy Pets, LLC Offering Cats and Kittens from Bengaltherapy and CatPal Catteries of Marietta, Georgia, United States of America

Breeder Contract
This agreement is between Amy Holland or Dana Martin (Seller) of kitten/cat from Bengaltherapy or CatPal Cattery of Divine Therapy Pets, LLC and __________________________ (Buyer). Effective as of the date of signatures that appears below and is binding upon all parties thereto. Buyer and seller agree to the below-described cat/kitten and the following terms:


This cat/kitten is for Pet ____ Breeding/Show ____ Early Generation Female ____

Name: _________________________________
Registration Number: _____________________
Dam: _________________________________
Sire: __________________________________
DOB: ______________
Description & Color: _______________________________
Male ____ Female ____
Purchase price: ________ Deposit: ________ Balance Due: ________


1.) Said kitten is to be in good health and free of any contagious conditions, illness or parasites. Our cattery is a Feline AIDS and Feline Leukemia (FELV) negative cattery. It is the Purchaser's responsibility to have this cat/kitten examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours after adoption. This is your health guarantee period. If any illness is found, during this 72 Hour Period, and is so documented in writing by a Board-Certified Veterinarian, the cat/kitten can be returned to seller and seller will then replace said kitten with a kitten of comparable quality when it becomes available. No monetary refund will be given. Seller must be notified within 24 hours of the examination by a Veterinarian. This cat/kitten is guaranteed against all hereditary defects up to the age of 3 years. If this cat/kitten is being purchased as a breeding or show cat, should a hereditary defect appear within 3 years, a Board-Certified Veterinarian must document it. The Purchaser is obligated to immediately spay/neuter this cat/kitten. Upon supplying the seller with this documentation from a Board-Certified Veterinarian, seller will replace said cat/kitten with another of equal or greater value at the seller's first opportunity. Purchaser understands that at no time, for any reason, will there be a monetary refund of any of the purchase price. However, should the disease or condition be found to be linked to lack of care (improper diet/vet care), then there will be no responsibility on the part of the seller, Divine Therapy Pets, LLC whatsoever. 
2.) The cat/kitten cannot be returned for a replacement after the guarantee period has expired. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to provide immediate veterinary care to any cat/kitten showing signs of illness or distress and failure to do so will render any guarantee null and void.  By signing this contract, the Purchaser is also signing permission for Purchaser's vet to disclose all and any veterinary information on the cat/kitten and cats living with said cat/kitten. If Purchaser makes claims regarding illness and/or problems, the Seller has the right to be informed and provided with the clinic's contact information and permission to access all of the Purchaser's cats' medical records, if need be. All veterinary fees are the responsibility of the Purchaser. If Purchaser chooses to vaccinate the kitten using FeLV or FIV vaccines, they assume the risk and void the contract, as these vaccines are still new and their safety has not been confirmed.
3.) Seller reserves the right to withhold registration until this contract is signed and a copy mailed back to Seller, and said cat/kitten is paid for in full. Buyer should maintain a copy of this contract for their records.
4.) Under no circumstances will said cat/kitten be sold, leased, or given away to any pet store, research laboratory, or similar facility. 
5.) Said cat/kitten will be kept indoors and not be allowed to roam freely outside.
6.) Said kitten/cat will not be forced to undergo a tendonectomy. 
7.) In the event that the buyer pays via PayPal, if there is a dispute it will be settled through legal channels and not a dispute through PayPal. 
8.) Should Bengaltherapy/CatPal Catteries of Divine Therapy Pets, LLC dissolve or go out of business, then the terms of this contract are null and void. 
9.) Said cat/kitten should be spayed/neutered before being retired, re-homed or petted out. Breeder is to be notified where the cat/kitten will be living in the event that the cat is rehomed after being used as a breeder.
Breeding and Show Cats:
1.) The seller does guarantee fertility of said cat/kitten with the exception of problems caused by Pyometra, which Seller has no control over. If said cat/kitten has not produced viable offspring by the age of 30 months after being serviced by at least 2 proven studs or queens, seller agrees to replace said cat/kitten with one of equal or greater value, upon proof of spay/neuter by a licensed veterinarian. Seller does have the right to try said cat/kitten with a cat owned by Seller before recplacement of said cat for proof of infertility. Use of the "Q-tip method" or servicing the queen with an altered male void the health guarantee, as both of these can cause pyometra and/or cause damage to the queen. In the event that the breeding stud/queen is found incapable of producing healthy kittens by a licensed veterinarian after two litters, the stud or queen will be replaced with a kitten of equal or greater value. Should the Purchaser not provide proper nutritional support and/or pre-natal support, Divine Therapy Pets, LLC is not responsible for the lack of fertility.
2.) Buyer understands that Seller does not guarantee achievement of Championship titles.
3.) Buyer is required to screen cat/kitten for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) by a board certified cardiologist annually for as long as the cat/kitten is intact and before first breeding.
4.) Said cat/kitten is guaranteed against HCM for three years as long as the cat is breeding and unaltered. If said cat is determined to have HCM, Seller agrees to replace with another cat of equal or greater quality upon proof that the original cat has been spayed/neutered and after providing documentation by a cardiologist of HCM. This HCM clause applies only to the cat or kitten sold from Divine Therapy Pets, LLC to Purchaser and does not transfer to any offspring.
5.) Buyer understands that the cat/kitten cannot be resold, traded, or leased to another breeder without the express consent of Amy Holland or Dana Martin in writing. If said cat is used for outside studding, all offspring would be required to follow the same breeder sale guidelines as the buyer agrees to.
6.) Buyer agrees not to sell any kittens as breeders within the Southeast region (as defined by TICA)withhout the express consent of Amy Holland or Dana Martin in writing.
7.) In the event that the Seller offers a replacement due to one of the reasons outlined above, Buyer agrees to pay all shipping costs for said replacement cat/kitten.
Other Terms:
1.) Advertising Rights: Seller reserves the right to use photos of said cat/kitten in any/all advertising, including website advertisements, in the promition of Bengaltherapy and/or CatPal Catteries of Divine Therapy Pets, LLC. Purchaser agrees to allow the Seller the right to use said cat/kitten's photographs or name in future or existing advertising.
2.) Breach of Contract: Buyer agrees that if the contract is breached due to fault of Buyer, then they will:
a.    Return said cat/kitten to Amy Holland or Dana Martin of Divine Therapy Pets, LLC without charge or obligations, including all registration, vet records and paperwork; and
b.    Return any and all offspring; and
c.     Buyer will pay $3,000 to Amy Holland or Dana Martin as an amount of liquidated damages.

3.)If Buyer or Seller commences any legal action as a result of this contract, purchaser agrees that the place of venue for such action shall be the state of Georgia in the county in which the Seller resides. If there is a violation of this agreement, all legal fees will be paid by the purchaser. 
This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties hereto and shall not be altered or modified whatsoever except by written instrument and signed by all parties.

I, ____________________________________, agree to these termas that are listed above. 

Signed, _________________________________, (Buyer) on date: ___________


I, ____________________________________, agree to these terms that are listed above. 

Signed, _________________________________, (Amy Holland/Dana Martin) on date: ___________