Our first Shorthair Kurilian Bobtail Breeding Cat ever, who we paid for a wonderful gentleman to pick her up and bring her all the way from Moscow into our arms as a kitten...and her first litter with a male RW SGC Guriyan the Grand Pompon (who carried for shorthair) produced a beautiful litter of 2 shorthair kurbobs and 2 longhair kurbobs. Two have remained with us as Show Kittens at the current time and 1 of those 2 will most likely be a future queen at our cattery. If interest in more information, please do contact us...there is a possibility that 1 of these 2 may become available in the future.

International Best of Breed, Shorthair Kurilian Bobtail from TICA in Show Season 2016-2017. She produced her first litter with us December, 2017.

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