Photo of  Mom/Queen at approx. 1 year old...Note she loved boxes and was always fun...She was No.2 Kitten in the SE of Kurilian Bobtail Longhair kittens and did receive a BEST Kitten at one of first shows ever in.

Photo of Sire: Regional Winner Quadruple Grand Champion Kuriliangems Dmitry Deplin of CatPal 

Sire Photo by Audra Mitchell

Queen TGC Kuriliangems Polina of CatPal is now looking for her forever home as a retired Spay Alter and she would be a great TICA Show Alter.

Parents of Most Recent Kittens  Below:

Queen Mom: CatPal Reece's Pieces 

( Queen's Parents RW SGC Sire Guriyan the Grand PomPon of CatPal x Queen TGC Kuriliangems Polina of CatPal)

2 photos of Queen Mom taken by Judy Pristash

RW, SGC Guriyan the Grand Pompon is now retired, and no longer breeding...but in his forever home.

The parents above had an amazing litter of 3 beautiful Red classic tabby with white Kurilian Bobtail girls and 1 brown classic with white tabby and all are in their forever homes now.